Buffalo chicken tacos: THE BEST EVER.

As you may know by now I am in love with Pinterest and the amount of beyond delicious recipes on there is out of this world. I especially love anything "American style" so when I found this recipe from http://www.mrsregueiro.com/ for buffalo chicken tacos I knew I was onto a winner. Me and my parents had this for dinner with some french fries and OMFG it was out of this world. A couple of hours later and i'm still thinking about it, it was THAT good! I was also pleased to find the Frank's buffalo sauce in Sainsbury's so no need to specially order it in! (Yes I really DO do that!)

Without further a do, here's the recipe. I amended mine slightly to serve 4 people but you can always refer back to the original.

You'll need:

4 large chicken breasts
1/2 teaspoon of paprika
Salt & pepper
1/2 cup of Franks buffalo wing sauce (If you can't find this, Nandos hot sauce works just as well and is available in all supermarkets!)
A knob of butter
Vegetable oil
Spring onions
Ranch dressing

1) In a large bowl combine your flour, salt, pepper and paprika and give it a stir.

2) Cut up your chicken into thin strips or cubes, however you prefer.

3) Put the chicken into the seasoned flour and mix well making sure you coat all the chicken.

4) In a large frying pan, heat up a couple of table spoons of vegetable oil.

5) Once the oil is hot, add your chicken and cook on a medium/high heat until the chicken is cooked and the outside has a golden coating. Tip the chicken out onto a plate covered in kitchen roll to remove excess oil.

6) In a saucepan add your buffalo wing sauce, a knob of butter and melt together.

7) Add the chicken to the sauce and stir so the crispy chicken is coated.

8) Pile chicken, sliced cucumber & spring onion onto one side of the tortilla and drizzle on some ranch dressing.

9) Fold the tortilla in half, serve with french fries and prepare to have a new favorite food!


I washed mine down with some Malibu & Cranberry IN A CAN! I think this is my new favorite thanks to the lovely Nicola who suggested I try it!

I've also made fudge for the first time tonight and it is currently setting in the fridge! I'll post a photo with the recipe if it's successful! I'm trying out a few things to see if I want to make them as Christmas gifts! X Factor time now! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far!


  1. Thanks Lisa for the shout-out!! So glad you enjoyed it!! I'll have to try the Malibu and cranberry in a couple of months, drink one for me! Awesome blog!!!