I've gotta admit, since I did my first Christmas page for my Project Life album, it's taken me until now to even look at it again. I've banned myself from looking at other peoples pages on Pinterest because I end up getting annoyed by how perfect they are, and the thing about Project Life is, it really doesn't matter how perfect it is. If you like everything in the same colours, do it. If you like a whole rainbow going on, do it, thats the beauty of it being YOUR book of memories! 

I'm gradually getting a nice little pile of papers and embellishments to pick from and i'm loving the January kits from work! This is probably why I want my page to look like it threw up with embellishment excitement! 

Just a little note here, if you are new to scrapbooking & Project Life, you can buy monthly kits where paper treats drop through your letter box! For example, Sarah offers a 12 x 12 main kit, Documented 365 kit (which is Project Life size) and an add on kit with extra papers and embellishments. 

Each month you receive a selection of papers, various embellishments, snip and stick sheets and stamps. I'm loving the cork dots, chipboard frames and the platinum ink pad in last months kit. As I also work for Sarah, I get a sneak peak at future kit designs and there's one coming up I can't wait to get my hands on!

If you'd like more info on the monthly kits, do pop over to Sarah's website HERE

I am still in LOVE with my Canon Selphy printer. Actually LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

If anyones been on the fence about buying one, I thought showing you how super easy to use it is might sway you! Call me an enabler, I don't mind, photo printing excitement is now my thing!

To print my photos to the size I want, I use the PicFrame app which is free from the Apple App Store. In the top right hand corner you can change the photo size, so for Project Life I use either 4:3 or 3:4 unless I want small squares or a combination of smaller photos.

Once you select your size, for example 3:4 is what I needed, you just pick a photo from your camera roll and shift it around or zoom in until it looks how you want. Just hit the share button on the bottom right and select 'save to camera roll'.

When you buy a Canon Selphy you can have both a desktop based app for printing/editing your photos or you can download the free Canon iEPP app from the App Store.

Once you open the app you can select the picture you want to print from your camera roll. I selected a borderless print for this photo. 

Press PRINT!

The printer prints in 4 layers, red, yellow, blue and then a clear top coat. It prints super fast and I pick up the photo instantly, no need to let it dry or anything!

I'm not gonna lie, I like sitting and watching it print. I lead a thrilling life right?!

This is how the finished print looks! There's a perforated piece at the top and bottom of the photo which just snaps off to leave you with a perfect 3:4 print.

If you choose to add a border to your photo from the Cannon iEPP app, this is how it prints and then you can just trim the excess from the top and bottom of the photo.

Anyone tempted by the Canon Selphy now? .......*gives knowing nod*

2014: Starting Project Life

Firstly.... HAPPY 2014 everyone!! There's always one person late to the party isn't there... Let's pretend it isn't almost the end of January and i've kicked off my 'I MUST blog more' resolution in at least the first week. Yes? OK! Lovely. 

Just before Christmas I fell in lust with Project Life. I'd seen some of the kits in Hobbycraft but always thought scrapbooking just wasn't my 'thang'. I'm pretty sure it was my second day at work when I discovered I was oh so wrong. 

As I was surrounded by pretty papers & embellishments being put into monthly kits, I made the great (new obsession discovery) but bad (because now it's a new obsession) decision to ask 'So what exactly do you do with all this stuff?'. 

That's when I was first introduced to Project Life. Sarah (my boss), opened up a mint green ring binder full of journaling, Instagram prints, inspirational quotes and other memories all beautifully decorated. In a nutshell, Project Life is a memory book, but, it doesn't just focus on the big moments, it's about celebrating the little, every day things that you do in life. You know how we all go mental when Starbucks wheels out the red Christmas cups? You take a photo for Instagram and everyone connects with it. Project Life is taking it a bit further, by printing out that photo and telling the story of WHY you get excited about it or WHAT you religiously order, someone can look back over your completed year and build a picture of you as a person. 

Plus... you get to buy frickin' glitter letter stickers!

The first video I watched was this one by Shimelle Laine and it sums it up perfectly!

I knew that journalling would be important in Project Life, and while it shouldn't matter what your handwriting looks like, I have serious handwriting envy with most craft folk. My mum treated me to some retro technology and behold my new pride and joy...

She picked up this beauty from eBay for around £25! Who needs modern technology eh! While you don't need a lot of things to get started, a few papers, some photos & journaling cards, of course the big draw to Project Life or any scrapbooking, is the embellishments. Serious. Eye. Candy. Sarah was lovely enough to give me some Project Life cards to get me started...

I ordered the Hello Again paper pack from Carta Bella which comes with twelve 12x12 double-sided texture papers and two 12x12 sticker embellishment sheets. 

I also asked for some supplies for Christmas from Two Peas in a Bucket. I basically want to order the entire website. 

These extra Christmas themed embellishments are all still available from Two Pea's in a Bucket but as we're past Christmas now I haven't individually linked them up. 

And finally, here's how my first page of Project Life turned out! It's definitely a process of trial and error on what you think looks good but I'm happy with it as a starting point! There are loads of youtube tutorials and blogs on layouts if you need some inspiration and you can also follow my scrapbooking board on Pinterest HERE. I'll be adding more layout inspiration and printable's as I find them!

Also worth mentioning - another awesome present I received for Christmas was the Canon Selphy printer. It's awesome for Project Life as you can print all your photos and Instagram prints direct from your phone over WiFi. I use the Pic Frame app to make them the perfect size for the 3x4 pockets and it also prints 4x6 too! I picked mine up from Argos but it's also available in white from John Lewis

What do you think of Project Life? If you give it a go or if you already do Project Life, hit me up on Instagram #thegluegungirl or tweet me a photo of your layout @thegluegungirl.

It's a wrap! DIY Peppermint Candy Gift Box

I think it's officially acceptable to start indulging in all things Christmas... even if I did eat mince pies in September...

I'm kicking off the festive DIY season with a peppermint candy gift box. Wrapping presents is one of my favourite things so I love that this gift box is practical while looking extra special under anyones Christmas tree!

You'll need:

A round paper mache box (Any size will work)
Red ribbon
Cellophane (Forgot to add this into the photo!)
Paint brush(s)
Red, white & red glitter paint 

Start by finding the middle of your box and working from the centre draw on your peppermint candy swirls.  Follow the ends of these lines down the sides of your box.

Start painting every other segment in red and allow to dry.

Paint the remaining segments with the white paint. Allow this to dry and repeat the process so that you have 2 coats of each colour.

Paint over the red sections with glitter paint.

A little tip - Between coats, put some cling film over your pots and brushes to stop them drying out, that way you won't need to keep washing the brushes and waiting for them to dry.

Once your box is completely dry, line with some tissue paper and fill with gifts! If you want to go for a more shabby chic look, you can lightly sand the edges for a vintage look.

Take your cellophane and wrap around your gift box, tie the ends with ribbon to create a large peppermint candy!